433 Squadron (RCAF) 6 Group Skipton-on-Swale Noseart Photos

RUHRHUHR Halifax Bomber

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The tag associated with the photo at left notes that the image was taken in Leeming on June 5, 1944, and also notes the small bombs painted on the side of the aircraft represent the number of successful sorties taken. Douglas Ogle, son of FL John Ogle, tells this story about a royal visit.... 'Dad had a very good memory although over many years perhaps some facts may be transposed or slightly exaggerated. If you put this story in the website, perhaps other sons or daughters of past men of 433 squadron will refute or corroborate the story. I don't have a precise date although it must have occurred in 1944. The King, George the sixth, came to the base to inspect the aircraft and crews. He may have been accompanied by the princesses Margaret and Elizabeth. As he passed the rows of Halifax aircraft and their crews, he caught sight of "RUHRHUHR" and burst out laughing, amused by the clever spelling.' Webmaster note. There is a report that on 11 August 1944, His Majesty King George VI, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth and their daughters Princess Elizabeth and Princess Margaret, made a tour of the No. 433 aircraft at Leeming, so John Ogle's story is quite plausible.
F/L John Ogle,image provided courtesy of his son Douglas Ogle

Source:thememoryproject.com photo: Larry Wulff, taken at Leeming, June 5, 1944. Supplied by Douglas Ogle, son of F/L John Ogle, Squadron 433

Source Danny Britten; thememoryproject.com Royal inspection of Royal Canadian Airforce personnel and equipment at Royal Airforce Station Leeming, 1944.

Additional images of F/L John Ogle, supplied by the family. See also the Archive Tab for the image entitled Feb 1945 433 Squadron with treats from the Porcupine district. The image in the archive tab identifies Squadron Gunnery Leader FL and some of the other airmen gathered around the bomber.

Above, FL John Ogle, Squadron 433, suited up

Above FL John Ogle, 1944-1945 England with friendly horses