Last Post - F/S John H. Bailey, Air Bomber, 433 Squadron

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Last Post Donald Douglas Dogherty


Pilot - Rous, C.C.

Navigator - Dogherty, D.D. Click here to read Navigator Dogherty's Last Post

Air Bomber – Bailey, J.H.

Wireless Operator – Fysh, G.R.

Flight Engineer – Stewart, W.N.

Mid Upper – Gill, J.I.

Rear Gunner – Henderson, H.J. Click here to read Rear Gunner Henderson's Last Post

Harold Joseph Henderson passed away January 30, 1986, possibly in Northcumberland County, Brighton, ON

The 2 images below were supplied courtesy of the excellent Richard Koval,

image of C.C. Rous crew supplied by Richard Koval

Front Row Left F/O Donald Dean Dogherty - Navigator
Front Row Middle – F/L C.C. ROUS – Pilot
Front Row Right – F/S John H. BAILEY - Air Bomber
Back Row Left – Sgt Harold Joseph HENDERSON – Rear Gunner
Back Row 2nd – P/O W.N. STEWART – The P/F/E designation means he was a Pilot as well as a Flight Engineer notice his crest on his cap is the same as that on the Pilots Cap
Back Row 3rd – F/O G.R. FYSH – Wireless Operator

Back Row 4th – Sgt. J.I. GILL – Mid Upper Gunner

Identification courtesy of Lloyd and Susan Campbell

list of crew

The image below provided courtesy of Elaine Dogherty, daughter of Donald Dogherty. The photo is possibly taken in Winnipeg. P/O Donald Dean Dogherty on the left.

dogherty crew


Flight Sgt Bailey

Flight Sergeant John H. Bailey

Please see the Skipton on Swale page for the list of crew at 433 Squadron on Friday, 4th May, 1945. Several from this site, are listed on that report.

The image below of eleven fliers in front of a Wellington was likely taken at #22 OTU Wellesbourne where Donald Dean Dogherty
was deployed, or possibly TopCliffe. Donald Dogherty marked his crew members with an X and had captioned it as follows:

"Our crew taken in the winter. There’s an x on our boys. Johnny’s got Jasper (stuffed panda bear) my mascot."rous crew 433 sqdn in front of wellington Donald Douglas Dogherty Johnny, holding the mascot, Jasper

Donald Dean Dogherty is in the middle row, last on the right.

Taken some time between November 26, 1944 and February 14, 1945 at #22 OTU Wellesbourne Aircraft: Wellington

The image below, provided by Elaine, daughter of Donald Dogherty, Navigator for the crew.

dogherty log