433 Squadron (RCAF) 6 Group Skipton-on-Swale,

Yorkshire England - Former RCAF Ensign, now the Association Ensign

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This image of the RCAF Ensign no longer exists. It was declared "obsolete" by DND's Director of Ceremonial. In 1972, the RCAF Association petitioned Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, to request that the ensign should become a "living symbol" for the Association. In September 1973, the Association was formally advised that by Royal Decree, the Ensign belonged to the Association, and would be known as the "Association Ensign".

DND 'suggested' that the Association alter the Maple Leaf to remove the darker veins, thereby matching the image of the Maple Leaf in the 1965 Maple Leaf Flag, and the Association complied.

A lovely image of the flag with the veins removed is shown at Nanton, the giant Canadian RCAF Flag which was raised in August, 2007. Click here to see the video of the Flag raising.

Information courtesy of Bob Tracy, Executive Director Air Force Association of Canada, March 5th, 2000. See www.airforce.ca for further information


Giant RCAF Flag at the Lancaster Museum at Nanton

Image courtesy of http://www.lancastermuseum.ca thanks to David Birell for permission.