433 Squadron (RCAF) 6 Group Skipton-on-Swale:

Views of HQ building (Scroll down to see back view and newer view)

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Back View of Building

Back View of Building

This beautiful image of the Queen Mary's School, Baldersby Park, Thirsk was supplied by Neil Stanton,

and Stephen John Walls. Below, Cameron Clare Campbell in front of his old accommodations,

September, 1977. Photo courtesy Lloyd and Susan Campbell.

These two images are from the

Walter Henry Powell collection,

and were mistakenly identified as

Allerton Hall.

Through the dedicated efforts of

Susan Campbell, Neil Stanton, and Stephen

John Walls, the stately old buildings

have been identified as the former

Skellfield House, used by the RAF as

accommodations for Canadian troops while at


Cameron Clare Campbell states

in his journal, "At the completion of the course,

we made our way to Topcliffe which was a

Heavy Conversion Unit flying Halifax 4 engine

bombers. We were billeted five miles from the

station close to a sleepy little village of Topcliffe

in a stately although run down mansion that

formerly had been a girls college." Although the

mansion has clearly been renovated since, my Father

said the crew called it Skeleton House due to the dead

bodies of mice and rats found in the building.

Scroll down to see an image of Cameron Clare

Campbell in front of the school in 1977.

"Canadian soldiers are still blamed for damaging the

building's clock tower - they used to use the clock

and weathervane for target practice. Today the...

clock has just been mended. Staff at the school say

they are looking forward to welcoming a representative

from the Canadian forces to officially start the repaired

clock." www.queenmarys.org (As reported in