Posted Overseas - Empress of Scotland, Princes Landing Stage, Liverpool, England

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The Empress of Scotland was 26,032 gross tons, and the length of 2 football fields. She could travel at a top speed of 22 knots, and was the fastest liner on the run at the time of her maiden voyage. Her accomodation was 1173 persons, as follows: 399-1st class; 164- 2nd class;100- 3rd class; and 510-steerage class passengers. She took 7 days to travel the 2377 nautical miles or 4300 land miles between Halifax and Liverpool. The Empress had three funnels, two masts, twin screw engines. Source: Merchant Fleets, vol.3 by Duncan Haws as reported in

Empress of Scotland - Sources:, collection of Andrew King

A. King collection stseriolen press scotland 1950-57