433 Squadron (RCAF) 6 Group Skipton-on-Swale May - June 1945

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flight book may/june 1945

"As the news of Germany's surrender was expected at any time, speculation became rife concerning the squadron's future. Then, rather mysteriously, navigators became unusually busy polishing up their sextants and observing heavenly bodies by day and by night. But they couldn't contain their secret for long. The squadron was to begin training for a trans-Atlantic flight, which could mean but one thing—"We're flying home". With the announcement that Hitler's "thousand-year Reich" had died some 985 years prematurely, no end of celebrating was anticipated. But such was not to be, at least for the time being. Throughout V-E Day and the next two days the squadron was busily engaged in "Operation Exodus"— the airlift of liberated P.O.W.s from the continent to England. Crews said it was worth foregoing the main celebrations just to see the expressions of sheer joy on the faces of their long-suffering passengers, some of whom had been prisoners since 1939. This task completed, the squadron received the
disheartening news that it would not be flying home after all."

Note: Due to landing with a "cookie", the Christenson crew did not get to take part in Operations Exodus, they did however get to participate in the jettison of bombs for 433.

."Meanwhile, selected as one of two squadrons to represent No. 6 Group in Bomber Command's"Striking Force", No. 433 had as one of its main tasks the jettisoning of bombs from bases within the

Note; the complete neatness of this page in contrast to the other pages in the book poignantly illustrates the near absence of stress in these bomb jettison duties.

Source: No. 433 Squadron by Flight Lieutenant A. P Heathcote; Air Historical Section (published: The Roundel, Vol. 7/3, Mar. 55)