Squadron 433 Bomber Group 6 Skipton-on-Swale Nissen Huts PL-45597sm

Story by Norma Catherine Bullough-Claudet

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Nissan Huts

Source: With The Canadians

by Norma Claudet


Image source: Library and Archives Canada

"The living quarters at Skipton on Swale were of a temporary nature and consisted mostly of Nissen huts which were very cold in winter and extremely hot in the summer. At Christmas time we would decorate our huts with silver garlands made from the “window” strips, cleverly folded aluminium foil strips, which the Lancaster bombers used for dropping over the target area as an Anti- Radar device. The main road to Thirsk ran through the middle of the Station and separated the living quarters from the Airfield. I remember we ate very well despite rationing as the Canadian cooks served up some very exciting new tastes, such as we English girls had not experienced before. Breakfast pancakes with maple syrup and bacon, also we often had ice-cream. Parcels from home received by the men and shared with us contained chocolate, gum, Sweet Caporal cigarettes and the really lovely scented Camay toilet soap." Story by Norma Catherine Bullough-Claudet, who was posted to the Canadians at 433 Squadron. Her story, 'With the Canadians' can be read here, and her images can be found here.