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Names that are known:

1st Row L to R: 1. W/O 2 A. Bogart, 2. ______ Cook, 3. ______ Inkster, 4. W/O 2 Cody, 5. CO R.F. Gibb, 6. T. Greyart, 7. H.E. Yerza, 8. W.H. Hole,

2nd Row L to R: 1. W.T. Nimmo, 2. J.D. Dixon cross, 3. V.R. Miller, 4. S. Camerman, 5. A.D. Lennox, 6. Unknown, 7. E.C. Burnett

3rd Row L to R: 1. T.F. Cronkhite, 2. unknown, 3.unknown, 4. unknown, 5. C.C. Campbell (Cameron Clare) cross, 6. G.O.Prime (Gordon Oswald) small poppy

4th Row L to R: 1. A.E. Kidney (Alvin Eric) small poppy, 2. H.L. Czyz, 3. Unknown, 4. W.H. Powell (Walter Henry), 5. J. Gamborski (John) small poppy, 6. Louis Basarab Small Poppy image

5th Row L to R: 1. J.H. Feeley, 2. R. McArthur(?), 3. Unknown, 4. William H. Grout cross, 5. Unknown, 6. M. Cyr,

This photo was taken on the steps of the Library Building at University of British Columbia, Vancouver, B.C. Canada by Steffens-Colmer of 560 Granville Street, Vancouver.

Both Walter Henry Powell and Cameron Clare Campbell had the photograph in their collection, so it marks an occasion, probably completion of the course on radar, math, and aircraft recognition. James McPhee, who also attended the course confirmed that it was on upgrading math skills, map reading and aircraft recognition. Sadly, he missed the photo op, and therefore is not one of our unknowns in this image. If you know of any of the people in this photo, or the more about the course, please contact us. Contact information is provided here.


poppy Those names with poppies beside are airmen who have died during the War.
crossThose names with crosses beside are airmen who have died after the War.

W/O A. Bogart W/O 2 Cody? C.O. R.F. Gibb T. Greyart H.E. Yerza W.H. Hole W. T. Nimmo J.D. Dixon V.R. Miller S. Camerman A.D. Lennox Unknown E.C. Burnett Thomas Flemming Cronkhite Unknown Unknown Unknown Cameron Clare Campbell Gordon Oswald Prime Alvin Eric Kidney H. L. Czyz Unknown Walter Henry Powell John Gamborski Louis Basarab J.H. Feeley R. MacArthur? Unknown William H. Grout Unknown M. Cyr ____ Cook ___ Inkster