No. 3 "M" Depot, R.C.A.F. Edmonton, Alberta

'Be a good soldier at all times'

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"My Life in the R.C.A.F."


"Airmen of the R.C.A.F.-- This is your first station, one of many you no doubt will be posted to. The basic training you get here if properly absorbed will be of untold value to you and fit you to take your place in the tremendous team that is the ROYAL CANADIAN AIRFORCE. This book will be a record of your service and a constant reminder to be a good soldier at all times. Keep it up to date and record your service with the RCAF. Regardless of where you go, No. 3 "M" Depot's good wishes go with you. Best of Luck!

R.M. Smith Group Captain, Commanding Officer,

No. 3 "M" Depot, RCAF

Edmonton, Alberta"