No. 3 "M" Depot, R.C.A.F. Edmonton, Alberta

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The sleeping quarters at No. 3 Manning depot appear to be better than those experienced by the recruits who were routed to No.2 Manning Depot at Brandon Manitoba. The Barracks there were called the Horse Palace, being the location of the Brandon Winter Fair. In his book, "The Long and the Short and the Tall, An Ordinary Airman's War" Robert Collins, writes "In peacetime, this building housed prize-winning horses and cattle. The troughs for flushing away their manure are still moulded into the gray cement floor a few inches below my head. Is the air force trying to tell me something? So far, we have moved in herds, like Old Reddy and Whiteface and the other cows back home. Nobody has made me feel welcome or wanted. I am scared, confused, exhilarated by turns." Robert Collins, 1986.