Globe and Mail Aug. 25, 1944 - Kidney, Prime Class IV and VII

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AUG -25:1944 Globe and Mail

149 War : European 1939:Canada-Air Force-Casualties

Air Force Casualties
Ottawa, Aug. 24.-The Department of National. Defense for Air today Issued
Casualty List No. 970 of the Royal Canadian Air Force, showing next of kin
of those named from Ontario as follows:

OVERSEAS - Killed on Active Service
BROWN: George Chahoon. FO., Grand'Mere, 'Que.
DUFFY,_Warren Alvin,,FO., Wolfville;N.S.
FRASER, Lloyd Henderson, Sgt. Mr.James Fraser (father), 16 .Melvin Ave., Hamilton.
KIDNEY, Alvin Eric, Sgt., Sylvania,Sask.
LAMB. Leeming Cameron. Sgt. Tv4rs . J.C. Lamb,(mother), 161 College St.,Toronto.
LYSAK, 'Leo Max, Sgt. Lethbridge.
MACKLEM. James Douglas, FO. Mr.J.S.Macklem (father), 79 ElmerAve. Toronto.
McTAVISH, Archibald Stewart, FO Regina.
PEACOCK. John Williamson Frederick.Flt.-Lieut., Westmount, Que.
PRIME, Gordon Oswald, Sgt., Kyle, Sask.
ROUND,:-Harold . Geoffrey, Sgt., Calgary, . .
SHWAIKROSKI. John. PO. Mr.Paul Shwaikoski(father),Fort William.
VAN EVERY,George Hiram, Sgt. Mr. Stanley Van Every (father), Leamington
WATSON, William `Douglas. PO. Mr. W: H. Watson (father), Grand Valley, Ont: _Oat.

Missing on Active Service After Air Operations
AXFORD, Herbert Frank, WO. Mrs. J.C. Hi111er (mother);Riverside, Ont.
BOTTING, Frederick Morrison, FO.,Victoria, B.C.
CARROTHERS, Robert George, Flt,Sgt. Mr John Carrothers (father), Aylmer.
CLARK, John Duncan, PO. Vancouver
CLARK,Vernon Edward, Sgt., Grandview,Man.
ELLIS, John. William. Sgt., Elrose, Sask
GALVON. Thomas Michael, Sgt., Blairmore, Alta.
GORMAN, Alexander Thomas, FO.Mrs. A: T, Gorman (wife), 177 Havelock 5t., Toronto.
GREEN, Leslie Arthur, FO., Montgomery,Ala.
HIGGINS, Luke Anthony, Sgt., Montreal.
JARVIS, Terrance Patrick, Flt. Lieut., Vancouver.
JEFFERY, Kenneth Arthur, Flt. Sgt., Halifax. '
LARMOUTH. William Oswald Derry,WO.Mrs.W.0.D.Larmouth(wife),4S Pine Ave., Toronto.
MILES, Fred Dunbar, PO., Outremont,Que.
MORGAN, Gwyntryn, Sgt.,' Carstairs,Alta.
OKE, Ernest Cameron, FO. Mr.E.E.W. Oke (father), Cochrane.
RHODES, Kenneth Earl, Sgt Canora,Sask.
SAMSON, Charles Nott, Flt.-Sgt., Vancouver.
SMITH. James Alvin,FO. . Mr. A. G.Smith (father), 81 Willowbank Blvd.,Toronto.
SOUTHWICK. William Lewis, Sgt.,Montreal, Que.
STODART, David Shearer, FO., Vancouver.
UPPER, Bedford Philip, WO., Niagara Falls,Ont.

Previously Reported Missing on Active Service-Now Reported Prisoners of War (Germany) .
ASPINALL, James Stanley Arthur, WO.M. J. Aspinall (father), Stratford.
POPPA, Victor, WO. Mrs.'Alexander Olshanski (mother), 253 Kenilworth Ave., Hamilton.
SELLER, Arthur, Elmer, WO. New Westminster.
THATCHER. . Richard William, FO. New Castle,' Ind., U.S.A.
WILSON, William Alexander, FO.David Wilson (father), Vancouver.

Previously Missing on Active Service-Now Reported Prisoners of War(Germany)
MacLEAN, Donald LaIM, Sgt. Glace Bay.
McKIBBEN, Arthur,.P0. Mrs. J. Greer (mother), 89 Deloraine Ave.. Toronto,
SOLBERG. Bent Andreas Johan, WO.Moose Jaw.

Previously Reported Missing on Active Service-Now for Official Purposes Presumed Dead
ROGERS. Frederick Lennox. FO: Mrs F. L. Rogers (wife), Port Colborne.

Dangerously Ill
BATEMAN. Clarence Kenneth, Sgt. T.P. . Bateman (father), 764 Chatham St. 'E., Windsor.

Dangerously Ill as a Result of Injuries Sustained on Active Service
McTAVISH, Duncan Nell, PO. Mrs. D,N. McTavish (wife), 147 Marion St., Toronto.

Dangerously Injured Accidentally
DUBOIS, Joseph George Roland, LAC.Trewdale, Sask.

Dangerously. Injured on Active Service.

MILLS, -Ian Garth Douglas, FO., Rockville Centre, N,Y.

Seriously Ill
GRIFFITHS,-William French; PO.,.Victoria.

CANADA Killed on Active Service
CAMPBELL, Norman McCallum; LAC.,Montreal.
JOYCE, Keith Mayhew, PO Duncan,B.C. ,
MCLAY, Donald Francis, LAC., Moose Jaw.
REES. Ivan Henry, PO., Flat Rock,Mich.
TURNER. Sydney Cleveland, `LAC.,Mossman, Australia. .

WALTON. Eric, Egbert, Sgt., Kegworth. Derby, Eng.

Previously Reported' Missing-Now Reported Killed on Active Service
GODDARD. Ambrose Michael Andrew,LAC., Kent,Eng.

Died From Natural Causes
SHERWOOD, Thomas Charles, S.-L.,Calgary.,

Seriously Injured on Active Service
BARBER, Franklin Samuel, LAC, Mrs.Samuel Barber (mother), Tavistock,Ont.