Globe and Mail Dec. 05, 1944 Gamborski Class III

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Air Force Casualties

Ottawa, Dec. 4~The Department of National Defense for Air today issued casualty list No. 1057 of the Royal Canadian Air Force, showing next of kin of those named from Ontario as follows:

OVERSEAS - Killed on Active Service
ANDERSON, Neville Joseph, Sgt. A.J. Anderson (father), 217 Emerald St,
N., Hamilton.
ARMSTRONG, Jack Edward, Sgt. Vancouver
BERG, Gilbert Louis Oscar, FO. Vancouver
BOSS, Norman Holmes, FO. Nelson, B.C.
CYPLES, William Harold, WO. Halifax
GAMBORSKI, John, Sgt. Halfway Lake, Alta.
GARVIE, Robert Leslie, Flt. Lt, Detroit. Mich., U.S.A.
HIGGINS, Gerald Frederick, Sgt, Chapman Camp, B.C.
MELVILLE, Robert Learmonth, Sgt. Brig. J.L. Melville (father),0Cartier
St. Ottawa
PRIDHAM, Ernest James, Sgt., H.G.Pridham (father), Kingston
SPENCE David Jerome, Sgt. St. Johns, Que.

Died of Injuries
STOCK, Harry Arthur, Sgt, Mrs. G. H. Stock (mother), Gravenhurst.

Missing After Air Operations
ASHBURY,Edward Lusk, Flt.Lt. Mrs. H. A. Ashbury (mother), 110 Clifton Rd. Toronto
BOOMER, Kenneth Arthur, DFC, SL., Mrs. K. A. Boomer (wife), 524 Golden
Ave., Ottawa
FICHTNER, James Roy, PO. Yorkton, Sask.
GIBBONS, Noel, DFC, Flt. Lt. West Vancouver, B.C.
GREENHALGH, Bruce Edward, Sgt. Niagara Falls. N.Y.
HERMAN. William Henry, Flt, Sgt. Alexander Herman (father), Fort
LAYCOCK. Maurice Preston, FO. FairyGlen. Sask.
LOCKWOOD, John Walter, Fit. Sgt. Marwayne, Alta.
NAFZIGER, John Alden, FO. Vulcan, Alta.
NELLIGAN, Allan Neil, FO. Lashburn, Sask.
SCHNEIDER, Douglas Otto, Flt. Sgt. Regina,
SMITH, Elliott Russell, Sgt. Sydney Mines, N.S.
SOPER, john Herman, WO. Mrs, J. N. Soper (wife), Smiths Palls.

Previously Missing,. Now Officially Presumed Dead
DUNCAN, John, FO. Vancouver.
HEAD, Robert Howard, FO. Winnipeg
KRAMPE, William Ernest, FO. Quebec City
PUGH, Lawrence John, PO. St. John's, Que.

Seriously Injured

INMAN, William Allison, Flt. Lt., Mrs. F.W. Inman (mother), Weston, Ont.