Globe and Mail Dec. 30, 1944 Basarb and McPhee missing

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Globe and MailDec 30, 1944 Basarb & McPhee missing

Air Force, Casualties
Ottawa Dec. 29.-The Department of National Defense for Air today issued
casualty list No. 1078 of the Royal Canadian air Force, showing next of -
kin of those named from Ontario as follows;

OVERSEAS Killed. on Active Service
CARTER,Albert Victor,FO, Mrs.A.V.Carter (wife), 116 Springdale Blvd. Toronto.
DOWDING, Richard Boyd, FO. Mrs. C.E. Downing (mother), Oakville.
DOWNING, Albert Edward, FO, W.G. Downing (father), 7 Burnfield Ave., Toronto.
HARWOOD, Edward James Francis, Flt. Sgt,,Montreal

Missing, Believed Killed In Air Operations
MURRELL, William James, Sgt., W.C. Murrell (father), Belton, Ont.
MYRON, Ian Thomas, Sgt., Eburne, B.C.

Missing after Air Operations
ALLAN, Robert. FLt. Sgt. Montreal.
BARKER, Kenneth Hubert, FO, Killdeer,Sask.
BASARAB, Louis, Sgt., High Prairie, Alta.
BOND, Arthur,Thomas, FO, Mrs.Arthur Bond (mother), Waterloo, Ont.
FRIZZELL, Lloyd William, FO. Halifax
McPHEE, James Alexander, Sgt. A, A.McPhee (father), Ophir, Ont. PRISONER OF WAR
ROBSON, Arthur Edward, Flt. Sgt.Winnipeg.
ROWLEY, Adelbert Bateman, FO, Clive, Alta.
SEYMOUR, James Rodgers, F. Sgt. Vancouver.
SLACK, Kenneth Earl Clifford, Sgt.W. E. Slack (father), 6 Sarnia Ave., Toronto.
STEEVES, Albert Edward, Flt, Lieut.Winnipeg

JB Note: W/O E.K.Wilson and Sgt. H.E. Clark are not mentioned in this dispatch, as W.O. E.K. Wilson died of his injuries after the crash, and Sgt H.E. Clark was in the RAF, and therefore not reported in Canada. Please click here to read the story of the crew.

WATSON, Robert Alder, FO. Fredericton,N.B.

Reported Prisoner of War (Germany)
HETHERINGTON, Stanley George, FO.Mrs. S. G. Hetherington (wife), 408 Dupont St., Toronto.
MUNRO, Ernest Gordon, WO. Calgary.
PARE, Joseph Leo Marcel, Sgt, Montreal

Previously Missing, Now Officially Presumed Dead
BATES, John Donald, PO. Farm Point, Que.
BLAIR, Jack Frederick, F. Sgt. Vancouver.
BLAKENEY, Lester Ferguson, FO. L.H. Blakeney (father), 20 Spadina Ave., Ottawa;
BOWDEN, Donald Ivan, F. Sgt, Sutton, Que.
CARTER, Frank Ernest, S,L. Mrs.F. E. Carter (wife), Iroquois, Ont.
COULTER, Everett Malcolm, WO. Rev.Joseph Coulter (father), 151 Wolverleigh Blvd., Toronto.
DUDLEY, Gordon Howard, F. Sgt,St.James, Man.
EARLE, John Clifford Morris, WO, James Earle (father), Cornwall
ENGLERT, Walter Lawrence, FO. Mrs, Lawrence Englert (mother), Kitchener.
GOODKEY, Leonard Earl, PO. C. C.Goodkey (father), Bancroft
HATCH, George Charles, PO. Miss Florence Hatch (sister), Fort William.
HEIN. John, Sgt. Artland, Sask.
HICKS, Orville Wesley, PO. J. C. Hicks (father), 484 Lewis St. Ottawa
HOLLAND, Glen Allen, Flt. Lt. Mrs.G. A, Holland (wife), Hurdman's Bridge, Ottawa,
KELLY, Ralph Gordon, PO. Varsity View, Man.
LYNG, David Thomas, PO. Montreal.
MacLEOD, Malcolm Hinds, PO. Halifax
OLSVIK, David Osborne, FO. Parkside, Sask.
ORR, Robert James, PO. Adam Orr(father), 42 Connaught Ave.S Hamilton.
PARRY, Richard Charles, FO. Prince Rupert, B.C.
PRATT, Ralph Winston, Sgt. Rev, J.W. Pratt (father), Mount Forest.
RUMBLE, Robert Mons, FO. N. H. Rumble (father), King. Ont.
SILTALA, Torsti, FO. Mrs. Torsti Siltala (wife), Sault Ste. Marie, Ont.
TAILLON. Joseph Alphonse Gaston, Sgt. Quebec City. (Wife overseas) .
TOBIN, William Robert, WO. W. J. Tobin (father), St. Marys
URBAN, Russell, PO. St. Louis, Mo.,U.S.A.
WILLIAMS, Gordon Ivan, WO. Elk-horn, Man.
WOODS, Raymond Craig, Sgt, M. L. Woods (father). Lanark, Ont.

Seriously Ill as a Result of Accidental Injuries
HOOD, Charles William, Flt. SGt. W.J. Hood (brother), 106 Aldrie Rd., Leaside.

FO. Carter Killed In Crash
FO. Albert Victor Carter, 22, pilot of a Lancaster bomber, was killed when his plane crashed in England
on Dec. 5, according to word received by his wife, Mrs, Bernice Carter, 116 Springdale Blvd. FO.
Carter was on his way to drop a load of bombs over Germany. Two other members of the
crew also were killed. FO. Carter was buried in an RCAF military cemetery in Surrey,
Eng. Born in Toronto, FO.Carter attended MacGregor Public School and East York
Collegiate. He enlisted in the RCAF in July, 1941; trained at Belleville, St. Eugene and St. Hubert,
where he received his wings in April, 1942. FO. Carter was then stationed in MacDonald, Man.,
for 18 months, He came back to Toronto, and received his comission of pilot officer, and went overseas
in September, 1943. Son of Mr. and Mrs.A.V. S. Carter, he had completed 15 operational flights
when reported killed. Before he enlisted, PO. Carter was a member of the Toronto Scottish Reserve
Army. In May, 1943, FO. Carter married Bernice Daley of Toronto. He leaves a 7-month old daughter,
Victoria Bernice, whom he had never seen.