Globe and Mail Dec. 12, 1945 Latham Class VIII

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Air Force Casualties

Ottawa, Dec.11.-The Department of National Defense for Air has released the
following casualty lists showing next of kin for those from Ontario:
LIST NO. 1300

Previously missing On Active Service, Now for Official Purposes Presumed Dead
ADRAIN, Robert Ross Anderson, FO, Montreal, Que.
BERGES, Claude Gerald, PO, Que.
BOUCK George Walter, FO, W. H. Bouck, (Father) 39 Braemore Gardens, Toronto
BROWN, Walter Gordon, PO. Langham, Sask.
CLARK, John Harvey, FO. Vancouver.
CONNORS, Frank Earl, Flt. Lt, Mrs: F.E. Connors (wife), Port Arthur.
CORBETT, William David, DFC, Flt. Lt. Edward, Alta.
CURZON,Dennis Rupert Humphrey, PO,Mrs.D. R.H. Curzon (wife), Guelph
CUTHBERTSON, Hugh, Flt. Sgt. Mrs.Hugh Cuthbertson (wife), Bruce Mines,Ont.
DEWAR."Walter William, Fit. Sgt. Langlay Prairie, BC.
DICKSON, Walter Sidney, PO.Montreal.
DORRELL, Jack Wilfred, FO: Willoughby, Ohio, USA.
EMMET, Barry Desmond, Flt. Lt. Prince George, BC.
FRAIME, Daniel, FO. Mrs. Daniel Frame (wife), York Mills, Ont.
GALBRAITH Donald Irwin, PO. F.L.Galbraith (father), Dundas.
GREEN, William Munroe Leckie,WO. Mrs. W. M. L. Green (wife), 134 Roxborough St. W., Toronto
KAESMODEL, Ernest Richard, PO Montreal
LATHAM, Horace Roger, Sgt. Vancouver
LEE, Conrad Albert, FO. Edmonton
LEE, Gordon William, WO. Montreal
LIVINGSTON, Gordon Archie, PO. Vancouver
MacFARLANE, John Alexander, FO. Edmonton
MacKENZIE, John, PO. Mrs. C. A. MacKenzie (mother), Fort William.
MAGEE.James Thomas Joseph,PO. Verdun,Que.
MANNING, Frederick John, FO. Vancouver
McLINTOCK, William Stewart, Flt. Lt. Regina
MCMANUS, Rupert George, PO. Montreal
MILLER, John Alfred, Flt. Lt. Mrs. J. A. Miller (wife),309 Coxwell Ave.,Toronto
NEILSON, Donald Maurice, FO. Erickson, Man.
O'NEIL, Harold Douglas, Fit. Lt. Calgary
PETTIFOR, Arthur Clifford, PO. Pincher Creek, Alta.
PIERI, Donald Mathew, Flt. Lt. Mrs. D.M. Pieri (wife), 1055 Davenport Rd., Toronto
REID, Harold William; FO J. E. Reid (father), Aylmer West, Ont.
REYNOLDS, William Cyril Jeffrey, Sgt. T. J. Reynolds (father), 26 Eden Place, Toronto
RIDGE, Raymond Clifford, Flt. Lt. Mrs.R.C.Ridge (wife),5 Hogarth Ave., Toronto
RUSSELL, Lewis Alexander, PO. Quebec
RUTTER,Albert Leroy, PO. A.A.Rutter,(father), 74 Centre St., Oshawa, Ont.
SAUNDERCOOK, Roland James, Flt. Sgt., Mrs. B. M. Saundercook (mother), Collins Bay, Ont.
SMALL, George Henry, FO. George Small (father), 23 Le Breton St., Ottawa.
STEPHEN, Hubert Andrew, WO Mackayville, Que.
TESKEY, Stanley James, PO. C. J. Teskey(father), Sarnia,
TULK, Hayward Selby, PO. Corner Brook, Nfld.
WATSON, Lloyd George, FO. Dauphin, Man.
WHITE, Charles Henry, PO. Mrs. I. G. White (mother), 278 Lauder Ave., Toronto.
WHITEHEAD, John Alfred, PO. W. R. Whitehead (father), Lockerby, Ont.
WILLIAMS,Roland Wesley, PO. Unity, Sask.
WILSON. Ross Thomas, PO. Montreal
WILSON, Victor Henry, FO. Mrs. V.H.Wilson (wife), 51 Hoyle Ave., Toronto.
WINCOTT, Donald William, FO, W.J.Wincott (father), Port Colborne, Ont.

CANADA - Died From Natural Causes
MANNING, Ernest David, FO. Mrs. E. D. Manning (wife), Kenora. :,

Previously Missing, Believed Killed On Active Service, Now For Official Purposes Presumed Dread
TURNBULL, William McIldowie, Flt.Sgt. Verdun, Que.

OVERSEAS -Previously Reported Prisoner of War (Japan). Now Reported to Have died
While Prisoner of War
NEAL, Ronald Charles, Flt. Sgt. Edmonton

Previously Reported Missing. Now Reported killed on Active Service
PAVELY, William George, WO. G.D.Pavely (father), 588 Gladstone Ave., Ottawa.

Previously Missing on Active Service, Now for Official Purposes Presumed Dead
ASHBURY, Edward Lusk, Flt, Lt. Mrs. H. A.Ashbury (mother), 140 Coldstream Ave,Toronto
BOYLE, Clair Patrick, FO. Newcastle,N.B.
BROOKS, Wilfred Henry, FO. Edmonton
CAMPTON, Albert Spencer Blair, PO. Montreal.
CHEESMAN, Gordon Roy, FO. Forget, Sask.
COUSINEAU, Joseph Alfred Emile Thomas,FO. Temiskaming, Que.
D'AVRIL, Henri Jean Maurice Joseph, PO. Montreal.
DEATHERAGE, George Edward, PO. Victoria, B.C.
DESBIENS, Jean Jacques Adrian Leonidas,FO. Chicoutimi.
DRYER. Howard Raymond, FO. Montreal
ELLIOTT, Charlie Alvin, PO. Chipman,N.B.
FLETTE, Clifford Nicholas, Sgt. Peace River, Alta.
GIBSON, Robert William, WO. Madison, Sask.
GILL, Walter. WO. Round Hill. Alta.
JACKSON; Lawrence Kendall, FO. Mrs.L.K.Jackson (wife), Nurses'Residence,Toronto General Hospital, Toronto.
JOLICOEUR, Fernand Leo, PO. Roland Jolicoeur (brother), 637 St. Patrick St., Ottawa
JONES, Richard Barron, PO. Pte. Jones, O.G. (wife), Canadian Army, overseas
KETCHEN, John Barton, PO. Mrs.J.B. Ketchen (wife), 71 St. Patrick St., St. Catharines
McILRATH,James,PO. John McIlrath(father), 14 Tyrell Ave., Toronto
MCLEOD, Lawrence Herbert, FO. Vancouver
MILLER, Francis John, PO. Nelson, B.C.
MILLER,Kenneth Alexander, PO. Mrs.K.A. Miller (wife), 223 Fairlawn Ave., Toronto.
MORIN, Joseph Lucien Viateur, FO. Montreal.
PARKHURST, Keith Edwin, Flt. Lt. Hollyburn, B.C.
PATRY, Joseph Victor Leopold Andre,PO. Montmagny, Que.
POWELL, Joseph MarcelJacques, FO.Quebec.
RAE, Leslie Elmer. PO. Mrs. L.E. Rae (wife), 113 Silver Birch Ave., Toronto.
RICHMOND, William Merser, Flt.Sgt.Vancouver.
SAUNDERS, William Lee, Flt. Lt. Fort Qu'Appelle, Sask.
SAVARD, Joseph Lionel Misael Raymond, FO. Montreal.
SCOTT, Norman Lester William, PO. MacLeod, Alta.
SCOTT, Raymond David, PO. Mrs. R.D.Scott (wife), 201 Oak St., Sudbury,
TREMBLAY, Jacques Joseph Maxine, PO. Lachine, Que.
VEITCH; Lawrence Edward. FO. Edward Veitch (father). 40 Roy St Kitchener.
WORT,Hardy Edward, FO. Sherbrooke,Que.
ZUBACK, George Adam, FO, Vancouver

Previously Missing on Active Service-NOW For Official Purposes Presumed Dead
BOOTY, Cameron Harrison, Flt.Sgt. C.I. Booty (father), Galt
FOURNIER, Alphonse Marcel, PO., La Tuque, Que.
GALLANT. Joseph Lloyd, FO., Summerside, P.E.I.
LITTLE, Ralph Robert, FO. Lockport,New York, USA
MABEE, Keith Wearing, FO. Lachine, Que.
SOMMERVILLE, William Muir, PO. Mrs. W.M. Sommerville (wife), London, Ont.
SPRY, Lorne Mortimore, FO, G.L. SPRY (father),6291 Wellington St. London
SWEENEY, Vincent Daniel, PO. Saskatoon
TOBIN, Leo Sarsfield, PO. Westmount, Que.
WELLS, Albert Eldon, Flt. Sgt. Runciman, Sask

LIST No. 1303
OVERSEAS Previously missing believed killed on Active Service-Now For official Purposes Presumed Dead
ANDERSON, Robert William, FO, Vancouver
DILWORTH, Arthur Joseph, FO.Lachine Que.
MCCURDY, Archibald Roy, FO. Winnipeg
ROBERTSON, David James McLagan, FO.Victoria B.C.
TRYMBULAK,Brony, Flt. Sgt. Nicholas Trymbulak (father), 3298, College Ave., Windsor

Previously Missing on Active Service -Now For Official Purposes
Presumed Dead
CHITTIM, Richard Hugh, PO. Mrs. G.A. Chittim (mother),1808 Chilver Rd., Walkerville, Ont.
DAVIS,Ernest Leroy, PO. Webb, Sask.
ELLIOTT,Herbert William, PO. Frank Elliott (father), Sault Ste. Marie, Ont.
MORIN, Joseph Robert, PO. Montreal, Que.
PERRAULT, Ernest Frances,Flt. Sgt. Albert Perrault (father),Fort Frances,
RAGAN, George Staudt, FO. Rainier, Alta
REYNOLDS, Ross Earl, Flt. Sgt. Ross Reynolds (father), 38 Larchmount Ave., Toronto
WQOD, Hugh Raymond, PO. Saskatoon
WOODWARD, Norman Faulk Courtenay,Flt. Lt. Vancouver

Died of Injuries Sustained On Active Service
WOOFFINDIN, Walter, Flt.Sgt. Brandon

Seriously Injured
HANSEN, Ralph Martin, AC, N.M. Hanson (father), Fort William