No. 3 Bombing and Gunnery School - Graduating Banquet, March, 1944, Page 2

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Guests: Group Captain R.F. Gibb A.F.C. Commanding Officer

S/L C. Taylor C.I.; S/L J.L. Gower O/C Flying

F/L E.J. Greenaway O.C. Stage 2; F/O Oliver O.C. Stage 1

H/F/L B.G. Stibbards Prot. Padre; H/F/L J.B. Colloton R.C. Padre

P/O J. Kunz Course Officer; F/O D.L. Giggey I/C No.1 Gunnery

W/O C. S. Faulkner No.1 Gunnery; WO2 R.S. Cramm No.2 Gunnery

F/O J.Marshall; F/O F.S. Brimacombe

Mr. G. Tulley Y.M.C.A

Instructors: Class I - P/O Tate; Sgt Plummer

Class II - F/S. Sandlands; Sgt. Eppler

Class III - Sgt. Louden;: Sgt. Foord

Class IV - Sgt. Hay; Sgt Muir

Class V - Sgt Kolar; Sgt Ashfield

Class VI - Sgt. Swatsky; Sgt. Henderson

Class VII - F/S/ Mendes; Cpl. Worobec

Class VIII - P/O Jamieson;: WO2 Chilton

Turrets Section - WO2 Green; F/S Charlton; WO2 Marks

Wireless Section - WO2 Cody; Sgt. Keys; Cpl Robotham; Cpl Ross; Cpl Bye

A/C Rec. Section - Sgt. Record; Sgt. Malcolmson

P.T. Section - F/S Johnson

Range - WO2 Quamstrom; Wo2 Copley; F/S Hines;

WO2 Rynbend; Sgt. Skidmore; Sgt. Olson; Sgt. McKinley

Course Discipline - F/S Rawlings

School W.O. - F.S. Talbot

P/O J.A. Kunz signed the certifications for I/C 72 Air Gunner course at No.3

B&G School upon graduation. Click here to see Walter Henry Powell