No. 3 Bombing and Gunnery School, MacDonald, Manitoba

Bronze Airman's Statue - " The many faces of courage"

Greenwood Military Aviation Museum, Greenwood, Nova Scotia

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bronze airmans statue

Airman by Peter Bustin, above , all photos courtesy of the Greenwood Military Aviation Museum.

A Time for Courage by John Terraine below


To read more about the Aircrew Memorial Association's efforts, click here.

The Aircrew Memorial Association set out on a mission to erect a Memorial Statue to honour the memory of Canadians who have served their country as Aircrew of the Armed Services of Canada and it’s Allies. Over 25,000 Aircrew went overseas during WWII and approximately 17,000 of those gave their lives in the cause of freedom.    The Association raised $70,000, and selected Peter Bustin to sculpt the six foot sculpture, shown in two views at left. They also selected a quote from the book "A time for courage: the Royal Air Force in the European War, 1939-1945" by John Terraine (15 Jan. 1921 – 28 Dec. 2003), a leading British military historian.

The Quote reads:

"A Time for Courage

...And what of the aircrew, the flyers, the ones who left their burnt bones all over Europe? In those young men, we may discern the many faces of courage, the constitution of heroes: in lonely cockpits at dizzy altitudes, ...quartering the treacherous and limitless sea, searching the desert's hostile glare, ..brushing the peaks in high mountains,... in the ferocity of low level attack, or long, tense haul of a bombing mission... in fog, deadly cold, in storm,...on fire, a prison camp, in a skin grafting hospital. There was no prouder place or time, none deserving more honor than this, a time for courage."

John Terraine