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Last Post Stanley Bodaly DFC


Below, left photo - Sgt. Stan Bodaly - April 1944

Below, right photo- Sgt. Stan Bodaly and Al Wilde(on the right)- Nov.1/42 - Al Wilde was killed Oct. 13/44 in England

FO Stan Bodaly DFCStand Bodaly and unidentified

Below Left Photo - Stan Bodaly in turret of a Fairey Battle - summer 1943

Below Right Photo - Jack Mitchell Crew-left top Ken Sheddan, right top Jack Mitchell - Bottom left Stan Bodaly, other unidentified

FO Stand Bodaly DFC in upper turret433 Squadron Crew

Below is an image of the Stone in the Memory Garden in honor of Stanley H. Bodaly at Trenton Aviation Museum, Trenton, Ontario.

Memory stone at Trenton Aviation Garden - Stan Bodaly

Stanley H. Bodaly DFC, image from Obituary 2006

Stanley H.Bodaly DFC

Stanley H. Bodaly DFC Obit

Details of Stanley H. Bodaly RCAF service

Stanley H. Bodaly signed up in London, Ontario as of Oct.9/42 and was sent to Toronto and then onto Quebec (several places) before sailing out of Halifax on the QE1 on Sept 13/43. He arrived in Gourroch, Scotland, September 19, 1943. He trained in Kinloss, Scotland: Driffield, Dishforth and Croft, England until April 15/44 when he joined W/O Jack Mitchell's crew (replacing a tail gunner killed in action) until July 9, 1944. F/O Bodaly did 19 ops with them. The Mitchell crew was screened and F/O Bodaly joined P/O Hamilton McVeigh's crew (replacing a  mid-upper gunner killed in action). He flew with McVeigh from July 9, 1944 - September 15/44 (15 trips) when McVeigh and crew were screened. F/O Bodaly flew his last two opps with A. Heathcote replacing Free (he must have been sick because the crew always got their leave together) from Sept.15/44 - Sept 25/44. He was in Skipton-On-Swale until Oct. 23/44 when he ended his tour. He was screened Nov.6/44 and then sailed from Liverpool on Nov. 18/44 on the 'Louis Pasteur' (a French Ship) to New York City, landing Nov. 25/44. He then took the train home. He was discharged on Feb. 27/45. Throughout all his ops, he flew Halifax MK III planes.
(Details courtesy of Susan Little, daughter of F/O Stanley H. Bodaly.)

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