433 Squadron (RCAF) 6 Group Skipton-on-Swale

Shadow Box created by Cameron Clare Campbell's Family

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Fare to Edinburgh Image of Leipzip Railway mission Telegram home Red Cross welcome C.C. Campbell medals WW2 RCAF Button Warrant Officer Insignia K.C. Hotel London WW2 Letter to Mother Christmas Dinner, 1944, Skipton on Swale German Mark Air Gunner RCAF crest WW2 100000mark telegram redcross

Larger images of some elements of the shadow box are available. Please click on the link below to see them: (Some of these are included in other parts of the warphotos site). Images available include:

Air Gunner RCAF Crest

Christmas cover menu, and greeting

Crew photo

100,000 mark image, front and back

Fare to Edinburgh

Hotel voucher


Leipzig Mission

Letter to Mother, pages 1,2 and address, stamp

Miniature Medals

RCAF Button

Red Cross welcome


Warrant Officer Insignia