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Lossing crew 1944

Front row: RCAF Pilot Howard Lossing (center), RCAF Navigator Donald A. Robinson (right) with peak hat.
Second row:  RAF Gunner Ernest Osborne (second from left).

Image above, and identifications, courtesy of Lise Viau, niece of Navigator Donald A. Robinson.



March 24, 1944

23 Lancasters from 408 and 426 Squadrons were joined by 90 Halifaxes from 420, 424, 425, 427, 429, 432, and 433 Squadrons on an attack at Berlin. The crews were over the target at between 19,000 and 24,000 feet, releasing 48,000 lbs of high explosives and 409,000 lbs of incendiaries.
According to reports, there was severely high winds and the attack was scattered. This was another terrible night as 72 crews failed to return due to being blown off course and over heavy flak defenses.

J Baron note: 72 of 113 crews lost- there are no words for the enormity of the loss and the bravery of those who carried on.

Source: http://www.6grouprcaf.com/March44/March24~2544.html Thanks to Richard for this.

P/O H. Lossing RCAFpoppy and crew, flying Halifax III LV-841 coded BM-H, failed to return from this operation.

    Sgt O. Sporne RAFpoppy
    F/O D. Robinson RCAFpoppy
    F/Sgt G. Dancey RCAFpoppy
    F/Sgt L. Davey RCAFpoppy
    Sgt E. Osborne RAFpoppy
    Sgt F. Simons RAFpoppy
All were killed after being shot down by flak.



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433 Squadron Lossing Crew - Page 1