Nanton Lancaster Air Museum

Canada's Bomber Command Memorial

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` Opening of Canada's Bomber Command Memorial 2005

All images on this page, except where specifically attributed to another are courtesy of David Birell, Nanton Lancaster Air Museum

Bomber Command Chaplains dedication


Bomber Command memorial with Lancaster in Background


Louis Basarab's name on Bomber Command Memorial

Image above courtesy of Lloyd and Susan Campbell




The Nanton Lancaster Air Museum built "Canada's Bomber Command Memorial" in 2005. The Memorial is forty one feet in length and is made of five polished black granite panels which are each eight feet wide and four feet high, plus a large central panel. The Memorial includes the names of all Canadians killed in Bomber Command, 10,643 names. It has been placed on the front lawn of the Nanton Lancaster Air Museum in Nanton, Alberta.

The images at left show the dedication ceremony for the memorial, the Chaplains dedication, the central panel message, and the series of names in Panel One.

The Chaplain's dedication reads: "Three thousand miles across a hunted ocean they came, wearing on the shoulder of their tunics the treasured name, 'Canada", telling the world their origin. Young men and women they were, some still in their teens, fashioned by their Maker to love, not to kill, but proud and earnest in their mission to stand, and if it had to be, to die, for their country and for freedom.

One day, when the history of the 20th century is finally written, it will be recorded that when human society stood at the crossroads and civilization itself was under seige, the Royal Canadian Air Force was there to fill the breach and help give humanity the victory. And all those who had a part in it will have left to posterity a legacy of honour, of courage and of valour that time can never despoil."

Father J.P. Landie, Chaplain, 419, 428 Squadrons, RCAF

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