433 Squadron (RCAF) 6 Group Skipton-on-Swale Archive Photos

Norma Catherine Bullough - Claudet with unidentified Airman Easter Egg for Hitler April, 1944 Skipton-on-Swale

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424 squadron Easteregg for hitler

Source: Norma Catherine Bullough-Claudet

Norma Catherine Bullough-Claudet beside an unidentified airman with a bomb on which has been painted Easter Egg for Hitler The Lancaster belongs to Squadron 424 which was also stationed at Skipton-on-Swale along with Squadron 433. 424 Squadron was the Tiger Squadron, and the note on the bomb states that Tiger had completed 2000 sorties as of April, 1944.

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This image provided courtesy of Norma Catherine Bullough-Claudet.

See additional image of Norma Catherine Bullough-Claudet in the 433 group photo by clicking here.

Norma Catherine Bullough-Claudet enlisted at age 17.5 years with the Transport Section of the RAF and eventually was posted as an M T Driver, to Canadian Squadron, namely RCAF 433 Halifax IIIs Bomber Squadron, 6 Group, at Skipton on Swale in Yorkshire. She speaks eloquently of being there until the end of the war and experiencing the triumphs and traumas of the air crews as they reacted to the bombing raids that took place over Germany. "We got to know the Aircrews very well as we ferried them out to their planes after ops briefing before take-off, and then collected them again if and when they returned later in the night. They were always very quiet before take-off but their mood changed completely when they returned and landed, the relief of touching down on home ground released all their pent up feelings and expressive language which lasted all the way to the de-briefing hut.
We had our sad days when an aircraft didn’t return and this was particularly upsetting if the “boys” were known to us personally." To read her entire story, 'With the Canadians', click here.