Squadron 433, Bomber Group 6, Skipton-on-Swale Archive Photos

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433 squadron group photo

433 RCAF Squadron

with a Halifax III at

Skipton on Swale, in early to mid Nov. 1944. 

Squadron commander W/C A.J. Lewington, DFC and Bar

433 Squadron No 6 Bomber

Group, Skipton on Swale,

Yorkshire, England - May, 1945

Celebrating VE day thumbnail
The Transport Section,

No 6 Bomber Group,

Skipton on Swale,

VE Day May 22, 1945

Feb, 1945 433 Squadron with treats

from Porcupine district

G.H. Watson
Center: G.H. "Ace" Watson

1945 Skipton-on-Swale

Close-up of G.H. "Ace" Watson

unknown, G.H. Watson, unknown

1945 Skipton-on-Swale

G.H. Watson
G.H. "Ace" Watson

Flight Engineer on the

Harker, W.S. Crew

2 crews from 433 Sqdrn Dec 2 1944 being driven to their planes for an op

W. H. Cook crew and an unidentified crew from
433 Sqdrn being driven to their planes

433 squadron unknown

Officer in Nissen Hut


lancs on field skipton

Lancaster at Skipton-on-Swale

Personnel unidentified

Norma Bullough-Claudet
Norma Catherine Bullough -

Claudet on a Halifax Bomber,

Skipton on Swale

Norma Catherine Bullough Easter egg for Hitler
Norma Catherine Bullough -

Claudet Easter Egg for Hitler

April, 1944 Skipton on Swale

Fort Williams Pipeband

Postcard from Walter

Henry Powell Collection

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