433 Squadron (RCAF) 6 Group Skipton-on-Swale

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The crew

Mervyn Stanley Plaskett

L to R: I. Edwards,

Mervyn Stanley Plaskett

Cameron Clare Campbell at back.

L to R: Mervyn Stanley Plaskett,

Bill Jeenes, J.B. Johnstone.

Mervyn Stanley Plaskett

Elis(sp?) and Gordon Oswald Prime

Thomas Flemming Cronkhite

428 Ghost Squadron

Raymond Alexander Christenson,

Martin G. Enser

unidentified group personnel

Unidentified airman

Unidentified airman

war photos provided by David Plaskett,

son of Mervyn Stanley

MSplaskett last post
Last Post for

F/O Mervyn Stanley Plaskett.

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and memorial wreath image

16th Annual Reunion Dinner

Oct 25, 1986 of the

Allied Air Forces Reunion Association

Cameron Clare Campbell

second from right,

Mervyn Stanley Plaskett right

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16th annual reunion dinner
16th Annual Reunion Dinner

Oct 25, 1986 of the

Allied Air Forces Reunion Association

Autographed by attendees

at the table

Mervyn Stanley Plaskett right

Martin Grenville Enser at

about 50 years of age


Martin Grenville Enser in the year 2000

Letter from Martin Grenville Enser in the year 2009