433 Squadron (RCAF) 6 Group Skipton-on-Swale

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FR L-R J.B. (Brad) Johnstone, W.H. (Wally) Powell, M.G. (Martin) Enser, BR L-R C. C. Campbell, R.A. (Chris) Christenson, I. (Ed) Edwards, Mervyn Stanley (Stan) Plaskett

Walter Henry (Wally) Powell

BR L-R J.B. (Brad) Johnstone, Walter Henry (Wally) Powell, C.C. Campbell, Martin G. Enser, FR L-R Mervyn Stanley (Stan) Plaskett, R.A. (Chris) Christenson, I. (Ed) Edwards

Cameron Clare (C.C.) Campbell July 10, 1925 - September 11, 1995

Cameron Clare Campbell and Mervyn Stanley (Stan) Plaskett at Reunion October 25, 1986

Christmas Greetings and Dinner at Skipton-on Swale. Click on image to see Greeting and Menu, or click here.

Walter Henry (Wally) Powell & Cameron Clare (C.C.) Campbell

Flying Officer Raymond A. (Chris) Christenson died in 1987. Click on the image to see a memorial picture of FO Christenson and larger image of his headstone, or click here.

FR: L-R Mervyn Stanley (Stan) Plaskett, I. (Ed) Edwards, CC. Campbell BR: L-R J.B. (Brad) Johnstone, M.G. (Martin) Enser, W.H. (Wally) Powell, R.A. (Chris) Christenson

Walter Henry (Wally) Powell and Cameron Clare (C.C.) Campbell

L-R C.C. Campbell, M.G. (Martin) Enser, J.B (Brad) Johnstone, Bill Jeenes, R.A. (Chris) Christenson, Mervyn Stanley (Stan) Plaskett, W.H. (Wally) Powell

YMCA Serviceman's Centre, London, England

J.B (Brad) Johnstone
Oct.6, 1923 - Feb.16, 2006

Nissen Huts at Skipton-on-Swale

and Quote by Norma Catherine


Bombs 433 Squadron Skipton-on-Swale, Yorkshire, England 1944-1945

10 April 1945 Lanc BMQ Railway Yards Leipzig

Squadron 433 Halifaxes,

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Skipton on Swale airfield
Skipton-on Swale airfield. Click on the image to also see a map of the area.

Skipton-on-Swale Memorial

Skipton-on-Swale Memorial Plaque details

Lancaster ready to take off - photo supplied by David Plaskett, son of Meryvn Stanley Plaskett

The majority of these Photos and identification were provided by Susan Campbell, the daughter-in-law of Cameron Clare Campbell and put on this website by Joan Baron, the daughter of Walter Henry Powell.

Susan can be reached at s.campbell@xplornet.com and Joan can be reached at joan.baron@hotmail.com. If you know any of the missing persons in the photos, or have photos of crew at Skipton-on-Swale or other contributions or comments, please contact one of us. We would be happy to hear from you.

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