433 Squadron (RCAF) 6 Group Skipton-on-Swale, 6 Group

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map of Bomber Command Groups in UK, WW2
Map Source: The Crucible of War 1939-1945 by Brereton Greenhous, Stephen J. Harris,
William C. Johnston and William G.P. Rawling, inset map page 840-841.

Map of 6 Group stations in Yorkshire

The map at left shows the northerly location of the RCAF 6 Group. This northerly location resulted in much poor weather for the Canadian Group due to fog and severe icing conditions.

The map below and at left shows the stations operated by the RCAF, 6 Group in Yorkshire from Jan 1943 to war's end. In total 11 stations were controlled by the RCAF by 1945.

All Canadian Squadrons were in the 400 number series and in total there were 15 Squadrons in the 400 series which served in 6 Group.

This website has information on Skipton-on-Swale, the facility used by 433 Squadron, and associated facilities such as Honeybourne, Long Marston, 1659 HCU Topcliffe, and HQ Allerton Castle. Click on any of the sites above to see images of the facilities, then and now, the planes used and stories from log books, diaries and other aspects of daily life at these facilities.

Locations and Squadrons

Skipton-on-Swale: 433 Squadron and 424 (from Nov 43)

Dalton: 428 Squadron and 424(May, 43)

Croft: 427 Squadron

Dishforth: 425 and 426 Squadron

Middleton St George: 419 and 420 Squadrons

Leeming: 408 and 424 Squadrons(from Apr-May, 43)

Linton-on-Ouse: 408 & 426 Squadrons from June 43

Tholthorpe: 420 Squadron (from Dec 43)

No. 1659 HCU Topcliffe: 419 Squadron

East Moor


Group HQ at Allerton Park (Allerton Castle)

Training Units:

Long Marston


1659 HCU Topcliffe was both a training unit and an operational unit, as Sir Arthur Harris made the decision to utilize the OTUs on operations in order to engage in concentrated bombing.

Page 616, The Crucible of War 1939-1945.

Image above from The Crucible of War 1939-1945 by Brereton Greenhous,

Stephen J. Harris, William C. Johnston and William G.P. Rawling, inset map

page 616-617. Map compiled and drawn by the Directorate of History, DND.