433 Squadron (RCAF) 6 Group Skipton-on-Swale

16th Annual Reunion and Dinner, Saturday, Oct 25, 1986

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433 Reunion program

Source: Photo supplied courtesy of David Plaskett, son of Mervyn Stanley Plaskett. Click here to see the Program

Program supplied courtesy of the Cameron Clare Campbell family.

The Reunion and Dinner was arranged by the Allied Air Forces Reunion Association, and held in the Canadian Room, The Royal York Hotel, in Toronto, Ontario on Saturday, Oct. 25, 1986.

The program contains the logos of

Squadron 433, The Porcupine,

Squadron 424, The Tiger

Squadron 408, The Goose

and The RCAF logo: Per Ardua Ad Astra.

Based on a program found in the collection of Cameron Clare Campbell, the attendees at the table in the previous photo are likely the ones who signed the program according to how they sat around the table.

Signatures from the program are:

Top Left: Oscar (Mac) MacPherson, Barrie, Ontario, 433 Squadron;
John B. Norris, Islington, Ontario, Pilot, 626, 429, and 433 Squadrons ;

Top Right: Walter Eperson, Montreal, Quebec, 433 and 431 Squadron, (died August 24, 1990) Montreal, Que;
Left Side: Possibly Ernie ? South Porcupine, Ont
Bottom Left: Art Heathcote, Pilot, 433 Squadron (John Beisly's Pilot)
Bottom Right: Cam Campbell, Carstairs, Alta
Right Hand Side: Merv Plaskett, Scarborough, Ont;

To see the photo from the Reunion Dinner, please click here.