433 Squadron (RCAF) 6 Group Skipton-on-Swale Archive Photos

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2 crews of 433 go to their planes Dec 2, 1944

2 crews from 433 Squadron are driven to their planes just prior to an operation on Dec 2, 1944.

The Daily Ops report for 6 Group states they were enroute to an operation over Hagen, Germany.

The photo at left from Canada Archives shows the W. H. Cook crew being driven to their last flight on Dec 2nd, 1944. The photo was selected for the website because it was labelled 433 squadron. Al Mallory, son of Lorne Mallory spotted his father's picture and contacted us. Lorne Mallory is the young man in the sweater and airman's boots in the center of the image. He is surrounded by fellow crew members.

The W.H. Cook crew was flying Corkscrew Charlie, plane with a history which was first brought to our attention by Norma Catherine Bullough-Claudet enlisted at age 17.5 years with the Transport Section of the RAF and eventually was posted as an M T Driver, to Canadian Squadron, RCAF 433 Halifax IIIs Bomber Squadron, 6 Group, at Skipton on Swale in Yorkshire. Please click here to see an image of Norma atop Corkscrew Charlie. Coincidentally, both photos were diagonal to each other on our archive page, although the relationship of the images was not clear at the time..

The crew failed to return from this operation, and only Mr. Mallory survived, aided by brave French reistance fighters, Please run your cursor over the faces to see the names. To read about the story of the crew, please click here.

The photo below shows the identification of the crew by Mr. and Mrs. Mallory.

Source: Library and Archives Canada ref: e005176198-v6

at the truck with names

Recognize the other crew in this photo? Please contact us.

Source: Library and Archives Canada ref: e005176198-v6

F/SGT Lorne MalloryF/O J. Pittman RCAF P/O J. Ash RCAFF/Lt W. Cook RCAFSgt R. Ainsworth RAF F/O R. Shiells RCAF F/O J. Grant RCAF