433 Squadron (RCAF) 6 Group Skipton-on-Swale Archive Photos

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F/L Jack Ogle;Gunnery Leader F/L H.H.S. Mahon(sp?) Bombing Leader F/L German,Squadron Adjutant W/C G.A. Tambling, Officer commanding the squadron S/L W.C. Pierce Flight Commander F/L S. Byrne Signals Leader F/L A.N.Douse Engineering Leader Don Snell, member of Jack Ogle crew

The text reads
"Pictured with the pajamas, socks, chocolate bars, razor blades and gum sent to them by the citizens of the Porcupine District of Ontario who adopted them, are members of the Porcupine Squadron of R.C.A.F Bomber Group in Britian. The crew stand behind the display and on the wings of one of their big four engined, Canadian -built Lancaster bombers, while squadron section commanders lineup along the front."

This image, number PL 42174, and the information note that came with it, are from the National Archives in Ottawa. The photo was obtained for us and researched by Douglas Ogle, son of F/L Jack Ogle, 433 Squadron Gunnery Leader. Mr Ogle has also identified his father in another Archive Photo. Click here to see him (row 1, 8th from left). Mr. Douglas Ogle believes this image was taken in February of 1945 for a Timmins area newspaper, but the publication and newspaper are unknown.

Please scroll down to read the corrected names/addresses of the Squadron Section Commanders,provided by Mr. Doug Ogle.


These are Left to Right: F/L J.Y.T. Ogle, Toronto 462 Balliol St; Gunnery Leader; F/L H.H.S. Mahon or McMahon? Outremont, 1234 Lajoie Avenue, P.Q. Bombing Leader; F/L J.E. German, Toronto, 809 Duplex Avenue, Squadron Adjutant; W/C. G.A. Tambling, London, 359 Gray St. Ontario, Officer commanding the Squadron; S/L W.C. Pierce, Reston, Manitoba, Flight Commander; F/L S.Byrne, Dublin, Ireland, Signals Leader; F/L A.N. Douse, Coventry, 71 Moseley Avenue, England, Engineering Leader.

Our thanks to Douglas Ogle, son of F/L Jack Ogle for identifying the many corrections noted above.

Mr. Ogle has also identified Don Snell, top row, far left who was a member of F/L Jack Ogle's crew.

If you recognize the other unidentified personnel, please contact us.