433 Squadron on Lancaster NG-496 BM- 'N-NUTS'

(RCAF) 6 Group Skipton-on-Swale, Early May, 1945

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Walter Henry Powell Cameron Clare Campbell Brad Johnstone R.A. Christensen Owen Sidney Thetford Clark, DFC Donald Dean Dogherty, Navigator Norma Catherine Bullough-ClaudetGordon KingJack Ogle Gunnery Leader Flight Sergeant McIntyre C.C.Rous

Move the cursor over the identified faces in the photo above to see their names - 433 Squadron, taken May, 1945

Row 1: 8th from left: Jack Ogle, 433 Squadron, Gunnery Leader 1945 - identified by his son, Douglas Ogle

Row 1: 11th from Left, Norma Catherine Bullough - Claudet (For another image of Norma Catherine Bullough Claudet, click here)

Row 1: 2nd from Right: Pilot Officer James Peter Hunt, Identified by his son, Peter Hunt

Row 2: 4th from right: Gordon King - identified by his daughter, I. Dickson

Row 3: 3rd from the right, R.A. Christensen

Row 3: 5th from the left, Robert A. Sutherland, holding dog. Identified by his daighter, Beverly Clark

3rd Row 8th from the left, C.C. ROUS

Row 4: 12th from the left, J.B. (Brad) Johnstone (R.A. Christensen crew member)

Row 4: under engine 2: 8th person in from the right side of the photo, Owen Sidney Thetford Clark, DFC. This identification supplied courtesy of his grandson Cameron Clarke, prior to May 12, 2011

Row 4, second from right, Cameron Clare Campbell

Row 4, fourth from right, Walter Henry Powell

Row 4, seventh from left, Donald Dean Dogherty, Navigator. This identification supplied courtesy of John Dogherty, Nov. 11th, 2011.

Top Row: Standing on the wing, far right with arms crossed, Flight Sergeant McIntyre , in charge of ground crew personnel. This identification supplied courtesy of Norma Claudet, Jan 11th, 2009.

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Source: Collection of Cameron Clare Campbell, Photo supplied by Lloyd and Susan Campbell.

Airplane identification Source: Roderick L. Butson